Maier Pfeffer Kim Geary & Cohen LLP

California Tribal and American Indian Law

Maier Pfeffer Kim Geary & Cohen LLP provides a full range of services to our tribal and American Indian clients, as well as other clients that need our special expertise. Our named partners share more than 100 years combined experience representing tribal interests on all matters affecting tribal government and reservation communities.

We provide general and special counsel services on a wide range of matters including tribal gaming, governance, employment, administrative, business transactions and economic development, environmental compliance, Indian Housing/NAHASDA, ICWA, tribal TANF, state and federal taxation and land-into-trust acquisitions. In furtherance of tribal sovereignty, we work closely with tribal leaders on strengthening tribal legal systems by updating core governance documents including tribal constitutions, membership and election statutes, and a wide range of other tribal laws and administrative policies and protocols. We have successfully advised tribal governments on establishing new or expanded tribal institutions and businesses as both an exercise of sovereignty and self-determination. Over the years, we have helped our clients secure millions in federal funding and many times those amounts in private financing for tribal economic development projects.

MPKGC’s partners have represented and co-counseled California Indian tribes on gaming-related issues since the early 1980s, and are one of the few firms with a successful track record in securing new gaming eligible trust lands and tribal-state gaming compacts for our California tribal clients. Our experience in gaming — from the early days of bingo operations, pull-tabs, and card games, to modern full service resorts — combined with our comprehensive, principled approach to economic development, negotiation of MOUs and other agreements with local governments and agencies, and trust acquisitions has resulted in unprecedented success for our firm's clients.

We welcome you to learn more about why clients choose to work with us and to contact MPKGC for more information about our legal services.