MPKGC attorneys are experienced in advising tribal gaming facilities as well as tribal gaming commissions on a wide range of organizational, legal, and operational matters involving core roles, functions, and regulatory duties of gaming facilities, commissions and staff. We recognize the importance of an independent tribal gaming commission, as acknowledged by the NIGC, which enables gaming commissions to regulate tribal gaming operations with integrity and effectiveness — and thus, in the long run, to best serve tribes and their gaming facilities. Our firms and attorneys’ extensive experience in counseling tribal councils and casino management, whether by way of a management agreement or direct management, provides us invaluable insights and expertise in assisting gaming facility and/or gaming commission clients. For tribes at the beginning stages of building a casino, we are well-prepared to assist in building a comprehensive regulatory framework and system meeting federal, tribal, and state-compact requirements, as well as with putting in place the internal mechanics for running an efficient and effective tribal gaming facility and an essential tribal regulatory agency.

For a consultation about how we can assist with your tribal gaming matter, we welcome you to contact MPKGC.