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Bethany Sullivan

Phone: (510) 929-0188
Bethany Sullivan is a partner with Maier Pfeffer Kim Geary & Cohen LLP. Bethany advises broadly on tribal governance, economic development, fee-to-trust land acquisitions, gaming and business transactions, taxation, natural resources and environm… Read More
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James E. Cohen

Phone: (510) 835-3020
Before joining Maier Pfeffer Kim Geary & Cohen LLP in July 2013, attorney Jim Cohen served for over eight years as Deputy General Counsel for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. He is an honors graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School… Read More
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Maureen H. Geary

Phone: (510) 835-3020
From the Santa Rosa office of Maier Pfeffer Kim Geary & Cohen LLP, attorney Maureen Geary joined the firm in 2008 and serves as general counsel to Indian tribes, Indian health clinics, and Indian non-profit organizations. Maureen’s practice… Read More
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Jenny Y. Kim

Phone: (510) 835-3020
Jenny Y. Kim has over 20 years of experience in federal Indian law advising clients in a wide range of areas including employment, business, and housing law, as well as, policy and law development. In 2006, attorney Jenny became a partner at Maier Pf… Read More
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Michael S. Pfeffer

Phone: (510) 835-3020
Michael S. Pfeffer is easily one of California’s preeminent Indian law attorneys and advocates. Having served California tribal communities for over 35 years, Michael is one of the “forefathers” of California Indian law and jurisprudence and he… Read More
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John A. Maier

Phone: (510) 835-3020
Attorney John Maier is a founding partner of Maier Pfeffer Kim Geary & Cohen LLP, where he serves as general and special counsel to Native American tribes on a broad range of issues affecting Indian country. John’s practice includes work on Ind… Read More
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